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The only app that lets you be connected in real-time with your community to ensure the safety and well being of your child.

Stroller Patrol is the neighborhood phone app that connects parents with community sourced feedback for useful information directly and confidentially, creating a virtual village that keeps an eye out for each other’s children.


Parents want to know

Whether you’re busy working or out on a date night, we all rely on child care sometimes. The relationship with the nanny you hire begins with trust and confidence knowing that your child is in the best of care. As parents, we greatly depend on and highly value the hard work that nannies contribute to the foundation of our households and in many such cases become part of the family. Still, as parents, especially if we are new parents or have just hired a new nanny, we can’t help but to be concerned, worried or simply just want to know.

Stroller Patrol completes the journey of visibility allowing you to rest easy knowing your child is just as safe away from home as they are at home.

Here’s How Stroller Patrol Keeps Your Child Safe:

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Only parents can see where their children are and how they got there.
See the route your nanny is taking when going for walks.

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Parents and nannies in the community can connect with you directly and confidentially to share useful information.

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Caring parents and nannies in the neighborhood can view only the profile picture of your assigned nanny which she/he chooses to use and other nannies within a 300ft radius



Download Stroller Patrol on your phone and ask your nanny to download it on hers/his.


Link your account with your nanny’s account and complete your profile.


That’s it! Anyone with Stroller Patrol can now message you directly and confidentially with feedback if they see your child receiving great or not-so-great care.

Privacy and safety is our #1 concern

We take privacy and security of personal information very seriously. Verified and registered users of the app will be able to see only the profile picture of the nanny, which she/he selects and is within the radius of 300ft. Users are not provided with any more information than what they already see simply just by being there.

What’s in it for my nanny?

  • Finally get noticed, praised and recognized by the community around you for the tireless work you do.
  • Set yourself apart in this competitive market place.
  • Show your prospective employer that you’re the right fit for the job.

Join Stroller Patrol’s Early Access program to learn about our upcoming events and get exclusive in-app rewards and member-only content.

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