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The Story

As parents it’s only natural that we would keep an eye out for the well being of other children as much as we would for our own”

Hi, I’m Diana, a former banking professional, a mom of two kids and a long time Upper East Sider. As we all know it, there’s never a dull moment when raising children. From jam packed activities and playdates to long strolls in the park, there is always something interesting to see or worse, concerning. It wasn’t until I became a member of some of the more popular parenting groups on social media did I realize that both parents and caregivers are looking out for the best interest of children. But despite their good intentions, many were being censured for their efforts. As time went on, there continued to be even more fruitless efforts made by both concerned parents and caregivers. That’s when I realized that there really isn’t any efficient way for  direct parent-to-parent communication, a gap in the marketplace, which I shared with other parents. As my own kids got older and with a little “more” time on my hands, I decided that there must be a better solution and that’s when I decided to start Stroller Patrol.

The goal of Stroller Patrol is to make your life easier because I’ve been in your shoes as a parent and I continue to be. I’ve created Stroller Patrol to enable confident parenting, beyond the confines of your home. I hope you can join me on my journey as we continue to grow our network/community of mindful parents and caregivers


The Team


Diana Toyberman



Oleg Zolotnisky



Harshul Patel

Head Engineer


Michelle Wreesmann

Chief Nanny Officer


Barbara Gobbi

Head of Marketing

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